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Recently, I wrote a post titled Free Adobe Lightroom Presets.  In the same spirit of share and share alike, I want to point you to some resources for free Photoshop actions on Presets Galore, as well as some great free actions that can be downloaded from other websites.

First, let’s go over the free actions we have available here!

1.  Pretty Lady Photoshop Actions

This set of 10 actions will add a fun, creative and beauty enhancing effect to your feminine portraits.  Utilizing gradient maps and split-toning, details are preserved but color is greatly enhanced.

Pretty Lady Photoshop Actions

2.  Sunlight Photoshop Actions

This set of 5 Photoshop actions was designed to enhance your sunlit and backlit photos.

Sunshine Photoshop actions example

3.  Free Daily Downloads

Free Daily Downloads is a new addition to Presets Galore.  Each and every day you can download either a free Photoshop action or a lightroom preset.

Here is an example:

Cool Fantasy Photoshop Action

Cool Fantasy Photoshop Action

Now let’s list some great sources for free Photoshop actions not found on Presets Galore.

1.  Brusheezy

Brusheezy originally only shared free Photoshop brushes, but they have expanded and now share a lot of other types of Photoshop resources.  They have some great freebie actions, so I recommend checking them out.  You might also enjoy downloading some of their textures, patterns, gradients and more.

2. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is perhaps the largest resource in existence for free Photoshop actions, along with other application resources for artists.  There are also a lot of people using DeviantArt as a way to get exposure for their premium resources.  So, if you run into something that you can’t download directly from the site, chances are it is for sale.  This isn’t true in every case however, so if you run into some actions that look really appealing, it is worth clicking through to the artist’s site.  You might even find a product that is worth paying a few bucks for.

3.  mcp actions

mcp actions offers 12 sets of free Photoshop actions.  Some of them do use specific texture overlays that must be purchased.  However, you can always improvise and use some of your own favorite textures with these actions.

4.  photo tuts

photo tuts has a great article showing you how to install Photoshop actions as well as how to make your own.  They also provide 100 free actions in the article.  Most of the actions featured can be found on DeviantArt, so f you already know how to make and install them it might be worth it to just cut to the chase and go straight to DeviantArt!

5.  Polished Picture

Polished Picture offers quite a nice collection of free Photoshop actions which can’t be found anyplace else.  I haven’t tried them myself, but judging by the before and after images, they look to be of high quality.

6.  PanosFX

PanosFX has a list of free Photoshop actions which can be downloaded for either the full Photoshop version or for Photoshop Elements.  These actions tend to be more for effects.  Title examples include: Facebook Cover-Photo Maker Actions and Page Curls Actions.

7.  Totally Rad

Totally Rad just might be one of the best looking websites in the world!  It’s really a top-notch design.  The free and premium actions they offer look to be of the same amazing quality.  You have to register for the site in order to be able to download the freebies, but I am willing to be that it’s worth it.

8.  Adobe Exchange

You can actually download free and premium Photoshop actions directly from the Adobe site.  They allow makers of actions to sell or share their work, which is a win-win for everybody involved.

9.  Media Novak

I just now discovered Media Novak and I’m actually going to download a few of their actions myself.  Their actions are very colorful and unique!  They are highly recommended just by the sample photos alone.

10.  Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials offers a collection of 10 Instagram Photoshop Actions.  If you love vintage film looks and Instagram, these actions might be worth downloading.

So, there you have it.  As far as I can see, and I’ve done a vast amount of looking online, these are the best resources for free Photoshop actions.  If you have some you would like to share or know of a great resource that I haven’t covered here, I would love to hear about it!

Happy Photoshopping.


  1. jazmine says

    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much!

    I am having issues dowloading the files though.
    Are these compatible with lightroom5?

    Thank you,
    x jazmine

  2. says

    Hi Jasmine,

    These are Photoshop actions, so no they are not compatible with Lightroom, only Photoshop.

    What issues are you having with downloading? I just checked to be sure that the downloads are working on my end, and they are.


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