How to Create Adobe Lightroom Presets

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It's easy to create your own Adobe Lightroom presets. This guide will show you how.

How to Create Adobe Lightroom Presets

To create a Lightroom preset, you would first need to adjust a photo using the sliders and other adjustments on the right hand-side of the Develop Module screen. 

Once you are satisfied with your adjustments and want to be able to save it as a preset that can be applied to future photos, you are ready for the next step. Click on the “X” next to the word “Presets” on the left side of the screen as shown in this screenshot.

Click on the x next to Lightroom presets.

After clicking on the “X” a new screen will pop up. You can name your new preset and uncheck any boxes for adjustments that you don’t want to be applied. However, most of the time you will probably want to leave everything as-is. Click “Create” once you have named your preset. You new preset will now appear under “User Presets”.

Lightroom preset appears under user presets.

You can now apply your newly created preset to future photos.

How to Export Lightroom Presets

If you want to export and save your presets to your computer for sharing or storing, this can easily be done. 

Right-click on the preset you would like to save and click “Export”. A screen will pop up prompting you to name your preset. Once you have done so, browse to where you would like to save the preset and then click “Save”. All done!

Download some free Lightroom presets, here.


Download the Pro Lightroom Bundle  

Pro Lightroom presets bundle.

You can also download free Photoshop actions.

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  • Hi Rachael,

    great Post! The presets you’ve created in the ProLightroom bundle are pretty awesome. Are there any recommendations when to use which style? I’m especially interested in wedding and portrait photography. Do you see any possibility to apply a preset to multiple Photos from within the development module?


    Rob on

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