Pinhole Lightroom Presets

$ 6.00

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This product is available for download immediately after purchase.

These presets work wonderfully with most styles of photography. They produce beautiful results with both artificial and natural light.

Each preset was carefully created using a real pinhole print.

This set contains 10 Lightroom presets.

Pinhole presets included: B&W Dramatic Shadows, B&W Soft Grain, B&W Strong Vignette, Gauzy Teal, Pink Orange, Purple Shadows, Red Orange Green Pop, Smooth Warm Pop, Soft Warm and Warm Pop Strong Vignette.

Compatible with Lightroom 4-6, including the version that comes with your Creative Cloud subscription. Works with both RAW and JPEGs.

These presets are also part of the 466 Pro Lightroom Presets Bundle.

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