My name is Rachael Towne and I am the sole creator of Presets Galore

Presets Galore was launched in 2012 while I was writing for a popular photography blog. I was commissioned to make a few sets of Lightroom presets for one of their projects. The process was so enjoyable that I immediately started making presets for my own project.

The presets and actions I make reflect my love of dramatic imagery and film. Each preset is tested and tweaked to give great results with a wide variety of images. I've spent hundreds of hours perfecting my products.

I also pride myself on providing excellent and fast customer service, which many customers have appreciated and commented on. So, never hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need help.

Over 14,000 people have purchased my presets and actions, across 4 different platforms, including this website.

You can also find Presets Galore at the following sites:

Creative Market


Adobe Add-ons

When I'm not working on Presets Galore I am taking care of my children, spending time with my husband and enjoying photography. Not necessarily in that order.

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