Pro photog recently moved over from Aperture to LR. These presets are not only elegant and subtle but have been created by someone with a proper understanding of post production finesse. Real good. Wayne Matthews-Stroud

These are SO good! I would highly recommend. Thank you so much!! Britney Wharton 

This preset bundle is incredible, from subtle to bold, it has it all. So much fun to work with Diane L. Sandoval

These are AMAZING! I can’t imagine ever needing any more presets! What else can there possibly be?!? But I’ll keep checking back just in case! Thanks a million! These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! :) – Shannon Sweeney

Gorgeous! Need I say more? Such an amazing price for the product you get. – M. Bennett 

I just bought the Soft Pastels collection and I love it! It really creates a romantic look that is timeless and fashionable. It gives a special color to my photos and takes them to another level. Also, I am so in love with the Retro Color collection. My photos are so vintage and fashionable with these presets. I love the color effects and soft lighting. Each preset has a perfect name. Love it!Erica Rodrigues

This is a great set of Lightroom presets. I would highly recommend them as they are very versatile with a variety of image types. There are some very lovely tones and colors. All are well thought out sets. Sharon

I love it! Thanks for such a great product! Heidi 

Love what these do for my photos!Elizabeth

Wonderful Presets, thank you so much!Kim

I am amazed due to the vintage film styles which were caught by you in the Lightroom settings.Your develop presets transformed ordinary pictures to 19th century styles. Regularly, when one creates a “vintage style”, only the tinting effect is taken into account. As a result, we see a modern picture with a changed colour scheme. This is how the tinting engine of Topaz BW and Nik Silver Efex work. But, this does not make the photograph to be “vintage” at all. In contrast, the tonal and contrast scheme used in your “vintage film presets” (such as “Daguerreotype”, “Opalotype”, and the others) provides a complete look which moves the photograph to a century ago. Something similar can be said about the other sets of Presets Galore. They all are truly develop presets composed of the many settings which transform the source digital negative into the desired look. I have never seen such high quality develop presets before among all that can be found on the internet (except Seim Effects which have the same level of high quality). I therefore strictly recommend Presets Galore to everyone, both beginners and professional photographers, who like to get an exact reproduction of the effects claimed in the titles of the presets. Presets Galore will give you satisfaction in both regular (everyday) photography, and the special cases where substantial changes to the digital negative are needed. Dmitri Rabounski

Truly gorgeous! There are so many amazing looks for my pictures that I’ll need months to try them all. I truly love Kodachrome, Autochrome and Expired Films, but all the sets are great! The presets for old photographs with light leaks are simply perfect. Many many thanks for all your work! Luisa

I love all black and white presets. My absolute favorite is the wet plate set. I used it on one of my indoor portrait sessions and one of my friends asked me “who did it”? It looks absolutely vintage and real. I love it. Anyway, I love your work and you opened for me a rabbit hole from digital photography to the “old real film photography”. Thank you again.Marina Бриджер

I’m finding several nice presets for any pictures I select. Sometimes I get surprised by a color or effect, like I’m really enjoying the Teal presets! Several of the B&W presets do wonderful things to an average picture! I would say the Chocolate shadows always blows me away. I was very pleasantly surprised at the subtle color tones the tints gave to so many B&Ws. The *gauze* is such a beautiful glamour glow! No matter what kind of picture I threw at them, I always found several presets that I liked. Some were more clear, some dreamy, some more intense. Great variety!! Peter A

I’m particularly fond of the Opalotype so far. I love each preset in the group just as they stand with no tweaks from me. They look lovely on portraits. Off to play some more! Linda

I’ve used Presets Galore for some time now and was keen to start using the new Vintage Bundle. Rachael hasn’t disappointed. The bundle provides a huge number of high-quality, well thought out presets. With each preset aptly named, it’s easy to zero in on an appropriate treatment for a given image – which is a boon when faced with a busy workflow and tight timeline to finish products. The effects applied are creative and each preset is sufficiently unique to prevent them all seeming similar. From the charm of the Kodachrome presets to the richness of the Opalotype settings and through to the fun quirkiness of the Expired Film series, I’ve found the whole bundle offers enough diversity to be useful when processing portraits, landscape or even fine art images. All in all, thoroughly recommended. Rik O’Hare

You just made my life so much easier! More time taking pictures, less time editing. – Stephanie

Super easy way to make your photos look great!Sarah

Great service & products!! Will definitely buy from Presets Galore again. Thanks Rachael for your great help. Diane

Easy and love them all. Saving me so much time. Thank you :) Heatherley

Great quality and customer service! Lea