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So, one day several months ago I started making these photography templates and I couldn't stop. I had originally planned to sell them. But, I never got around to it!

6x4, 16x20 and 20x20 sizes. Layered .psd files. 300dpi. The templates can be resized to any size you like.

Here is one of them with photos placed in it. All of these photos were processed with presets from the Pro Lightroom Presets Bundle.

Photos places in photography template.

So far I have completed 60 templates. You can download them for free. Since the file size is much too big to upload to this website, they can be downloaded from Dropbox, here:

Download photography templates

Here is what the template used above looks like before photos are added.

Photography template before photos.

The instructions for using these photo templates are quite easy. First, you will need a very basic understanding of working in layers in Photoshop.

Each layer is numbered. Place your photo over the desired layer in the layers panel. Right-click on the photo layer and choose "Create Clipping Mask". Then use transform to resize and move the photo to your liking. Make sure "Show Transform Controls" is checked.

Ho to use photography templates.

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  • Hi… I love what you did here .. I lost my files during a process .. Is there a way you can reshare them as the Dropbox link is borken atm. TY VM …

    Onur on

  • You’re welcome :)

    Rachael Towne on

  • Thank you.

    Tiki on

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