Deeply Matte Lightroom Presets

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These presets work wonderfully with most styles of photography and are perfect for both amateurs and professionals. This set contains 10 B&W presets and 20 color presets that will give a dramatically matte look to your photos.

Each preset was carefully created and adjusted to produce great results with a wide variety of photographs.

This set contains 30 Lightroom presets.

Deeply Matte presets included: Brown Blue, Color Blue Wash, Color Blue, Color Brown Cyan, Color Cream, Color Deeply Cream, Color Deeply Orange Blue, Color Deeply Pink, Color Green Sepia Wash, Color Lavender Blue,Color Lavender Wash, Color Peach Wash, Color Pink Glow, Color Purple Glow, Color Sepia Wash, Color Soft Blue, Color Soft Cool, Color Subtly Warm, Color Cream Wash, Color Warm Blue, Color Wash, Green Lavender, Monotone, Orange Blue, Softly Cool, Subtle Sepia, Subtly Warm, Subtly Blue, Subtly Orange and Yellow Lavender.

Compatible with Lightroom 4-6, including the version that comes with your Creative Cloud subscription. Works with both RAW and JPEGs.

These presets are also part of the 466 Pro Lightroom Presets Bundle.

Image credits:

Corey Balazowich

Alicia Woodward

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