Top 10 Best Sites for Free Lightroom Presets

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When looking for any product, the hardest thing for a newcomer is always to separate the wheat from the chaff. That gets ten times worse when you are looking for free products. To that end, here is a list of the top ten sites to get free Lightroom presets.

10 Best Sites for Free Lightroom Presets

1. Presets Galore

Presets Galore free Lightroom presets

First up, our very own website, Presets Galore. While not everything is free, There is a good selection of free presets available through this link. Even better, there are several posts in this blog which will help you create your own presets, and use the ones you download.


2. Preset Love

Free Lightroom presets from Preset Love

Not to be outdone, Preset Love is a site devoted entirely to free presets from several different creators. It features over one hundred presets, every single one free. Good for a look if you're editing pictures on a budget.


3. Presets Heaven

Presets Heaven free

An interesting site, and one of my favorite thus far. They completed a project a while back of making three hundred and sixty five different presets that they are offering for free. Possibly the largest assortment of presets to be offered for free, and all arranged like a calendar, which is interesting. If you just want a motherload of different options to play with, this would definitely be the place to go.


4. Free Presets

 Free presets for Lightroom

Another site devoted to free stuff for Photoshop and Lightroom. It doesn't just offer presets, it also provides photoshop tools and the occasional Photomatix preset. It has a decent amount of variety with close to one hundred items. Plenty of selection, and options for the discerning photographer gets this site a place on my top ten.


5. On1

On1 free Lightroom presets

Geared as a site for professionals, the free presets on this site take the form of themed demo packs and free trials. They are of professional quality, and would probably be worth it even if they weren't free. The Lightroom presets offered by On1 are all created by popular preset artists, so be sure to check them out.


6. Shutter Pulse

Shutterpulse offers free Lightroom presets

The free presets on display here are unusual in their variety. More than that, they offer new tools that you can download to use in photoshop. Definitely worth a look!


7. Be Art Presets

Be Art presets free

Another site geared towards professionals, their free presets are all bundled into one large bundle displayed proudly at the bottom of their store page. It has decent utility, and variety, so it's worth a try.


8.  Trey's Lightroom Presets

Trey Ratcliff has free Lightroom presets

Since we're getting closer to the bottom of the list, here's another one-off free pack. It only has a handful of presets, but they are so stunning I couldn't help but include it. It has the air of a sample pack, but they are all presets the artist uses professionally, so you get a lot of bang for your free.


9. MCP

MCP actions and Lightroom presets

Another sample pack, most of the other free stuff on this site is photoshop tools. Still, this is a good starting point for new photographers, and offers a good variety of basic presets to liven up your photos.


10. Graphic Alerts

Graphic Alerts free presets and actions

This website wears many hats, but there is a section for Lightroom presets. This pack of presets in particular caught my eye because it featured some very different artistic effects such as "The 300 Look" shown in the picture above. Be warned, this is the only preset pack currently featured on Graphic Alerts, so it's included more for it's own sake than the website.

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