Could the Traditional Art of Photography be Coming to an End?

It is interesting how technology changes the way how professionals create their business. For example, print books a few years ago was the only way to read and publish books. Now with technology of e-reading devices, not only are books accessible to read online (allowing the trees to stay in the ground), millions of new writers have now come onto the scene through self-publishing online and competing against published authors by publishing houses with price and sales. 

Is this happening to photography as well? With the likes of the latest camera phone, iPhone and iPads, every day people can now take a photo and upload to social media, via Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and more. Is technology making a harder way for photographers to earn a decent living? With thousands of newbies entering the scene due to the accessibility of equipment and when I say equipment, I mean a tiny lens in a camera. 

If you go back to the eBook example, it was feared for the first few years it was introduced that print books would be extinct and may end in a museum one day. However, it appears, not every one wants to solely read their books from a screen. No matter how convenient it is.

It goes the same with those who pay for professional photographers. If you want beautiful, high quality photographs, a camera phone just can’t compete with the equipment a professional photographer takes and the software they may use afterwards to enhance the shot. Yes, anybody can take a picture but can everyone find the absolute perfect angle and lighting to take a good shot and turn it into an unforgettable masterpiece? 

Photography is studied, is perfected and is in-part a natural ability for one to be able to seek a unique viewpoint, have a standard picture and turn it into something that is art-worthy. Yet it is also a learned skill. Where learning about the use of the features on the camera and how they change their entirety of the image or the intricacies of the software that can add a hint of ambiance to have the photograph glowing in its glory.

Although the world is taking photographs every day, the stand out photographs on social media, advertising, magazines etc. are done by professionals or those serious in learning to become a professional photographer. 

Below are 3 photographs that will give comfort to all photographers wondering, if there is enough work for the professionals. Here is where I tell show you that professional photography is still a sought-after field:

 Weddings and memories

Amazingly, wedding photographer Ashley Frantz created this emotionally impacting photograph for her friend, Amanda Crowe Freebird, sharing one of her memorable moments of her life, with her late daughter.

This moment will be forever etched in the heart of Ashely and her family. An absolutely tear-worthy, wondrous moment captured and created through photography and software.

This example shows that people still want professionals to spend the time creating something unique and special for their big life moments.

Photos for the future

We know that photographs taken now will become the history of future generations to witness. The below photograph is an album made the photographer Frank Browne who captured his photographs of the Titanic. With each photograph, he wrote a captain and personal account of his experiences at the start of the voyage. 

Street photography

Without the eye of a street photographer, real and nature photographs like this one, would never be seen. This photography by Ariel Shanberg is a great way to capture a photograph without people posing or the endless ‘selfies.’ These are real life photographs taken at a moment that has the viewer looking in on the viewer. An excellent way for the photgraph to speak for itself.

The above are just some examples of why the world needs professional photographers. At the end of the day, the world is a visual audience, there will never be too many photographs and every day is a new day to capture something different. Plus, with the evolution of the world connecting through the online form, photographers can now be taking a photo of something that they see every day in their part of the world and somebody in another part of the world will have their mind blown at seeing something they have never seen before. So let the worrisome thought that photography paid work might dwindle and embrace the bigger market that is now available to you through having your work seen online, around the globe. 

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