Can Photography Capture Romance?

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Romance, can you capture romance through a lens? The love, lust and wistfulness of a couple? Romance isn't just loved up photos of couples but also settings, props and lighting is what can pull at one’s heart strings and create romantic photography.

I am about to unveil to you, This Modern Romance by photographer Stephanie Williams, who is based in Southern California. 

When hunting for the perfect wedding photographer, there are so many to choose from but if you want something different, someone that can capture romance, then Williams is one photographer you don't want to miss. 

This Modern Romance mission statement, "This Modern Romance was founded from a deep belief that true love + soul mates really do exist and that life can be a beautiful adventure. We are hopeless romantics at heart."  When the photographer longs to create romantic photos, then couples get ready for a wishful experience. 

Below are images from This Modern Romance to prove that romance can be captured ... This Modern Romance prides itself on creating breathtaking, fresh imagery, the perfect blend of editorial and fine art style.

Below are images from This Modern Romance to prove that romance can be captured ... 

Romance begins with a fairy tale and what better way to showcase this, through the magic of photography and the right props ... bring in the white horse, stunning white gown and headpiece and a field of flowers. 

Capture romance in photography.

This photo shows the essence of every woman's romantic desires, to have someone to hold, to lean into and to feel safe in. The way this photo captures the man's full frontal image while embracing his newly wed as she caresses into him, with the rawness of the black and white color scheme, oozes romance. 

Romantic couple photo.

Just like Cinderella, a pair of shoes symbolizes romance, first dates and dances with joy as they discover the person they have fallen in love with, loves them back. The angle and different levels of the heels placed on the left side of the photo, create a story-telling effect.

Shoes capture romance in photography.

To snap a romantic shot, always shoot just before the pair let their lips touch. This way, the photo is just as intimate if not more than if they were to kiss. It appears they are falling for each other as they close their eyes and lean inwards. I love the addition of the clear umbrella to add in the extra romantic touch! 

Couple kissing photo.

Falling in love is fun and a unique experience for everyone. Create the vibe of the couple by what they love to do in their every day lives. These lasting memories will provide such an emotional connection whenever the pair go back to look at the photos. Leaving a smile as they reminisce. 

Can car photos be romantic?

 The perfect shot occurs when it's not posed for. This photo is playful, yet tender and holds a sense of innocence. It is as if we are seeing this woman, as her partner sees her. An insight into the eye of the beholder.

Romantic photo of female.

8 tips when shooting a romantic scene:

1. Set the scene

Do photograph the setting before the couple are shot in it and then photograph the setting after they leave it. The perfect scene at the beginning highlights one's expectations of a new relationship, while the after-shot, shows perfect isn't what love is, love is living. 

2. Secret shots

Do take photographs when the couple aren't noticing. A private conversation, a laugh or giggle, a secret peak at the other. These are the moments the couples long for and love to see as a reconfirmation that their love is real and visible. 

3. Props 

Use romantic props to help create the right mood of the shoot. 

4. Get outdoors

Outdoors is a great space to work in for romantic photography. Use it to your best advantage. People feel free when outdoors, as do the romantic couples who are getting photos done. Avoid stiff photos from indoor shoots and indoor locations. 

5. Hair is important

Keep the fashion refined and the hair flowing. Nothing spells out romance more than seeing a woman's hair blowing in the breeze. 

6. The importance of the sun

Romance settings should occur either at dawn or dusk. The sun rising and setting in the background are the ultimate romantic backdrops. Especially, if the sun setting displays a light purple and pink color backdrop or a bright yellow halo around the couple.

7. Ice breaker

Set the right tone from the beginning. Sometimes, getting a couple who are nervous and excited for the photo shoot can be hard to get them to relax and be themselves. You need to do something at the beginning to get them relaxed. An ice breaker can do wonders. 

8. Get them laughing 

Keep it fun. Formal shots and couple shots are great, however fun shots where the male is picking up his partner or giving her a piggyback are a great way to capture the fun aspect of their relationship. Relationships can get into a stale/dull trance with work, household tasks and financial discussions. Having fun action shots can remind couples why they fell for each other in the first place.

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