A Snapshot of Tim Aiken's Landscape Photography

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What is mesmerizing about Tim Aiken’s work is, it draws you into the depths of nature’s abundant landscapes. Reminding all of us to take time away from the indoors and technology and to explore the wondrous natural world around us.

Photography can only be captured, when somebody falls head over heels for wanting to take and experiment amazing pictures that are awe-inspiring to them. Aiken shows that nature can come alive through images and highlight the magic that exists when explored.

Aiken seems to be able to take an amazing backdrop and finding one or two props to bring the shot to life. 

About Tim Aiken

Aiken’s passion for photography was ignited when he traveled a twelve month trip as a youngster. Photography awards to add to his resume include:

  • 2015 Young USA Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • 2014 Nature's Best Photography Wilderness Forever Photo Contest
    Winner, Most Inspirational Moment, Student Category (displayed in Smithsonian)
  • 2010 & 2013 Windland Smith Rice International Awards
    Highly Honored Youth Photographer of the Year
  • 2012 & 2013: Included in Nikon's Emerging Photographers Hall of Fame
  • Published in Popular Photography, The Sunday Times, Outdoor Photography, Huffington Post, and Alert Diver.

As a photographer, or newbie it is always a great idea to see what other photographers are doing and how they are doing it.

Below are 7 ways to captivate an audience by taking a look into Tim Aiken’s images:

 1. Let nature create the ambiance.

Tim Aiken Landscape photography.
    Image via: http://www.timaiken.org/gallery/ 
    What draws my eye to this photo, is the sky lit up with stars, while man-made light is created within the bright yellow tent. Without the tent, this photo wouldn’t look as alive, but the starry backdrop makes this photo an absolute winner.

    Aiken's description: The milky way flies over a campsite in the Sierras.

                                                                   2. Make the details come alive
    Underwater landscape photography

                                                             Image via: http://www.timaiken.org/gallery/ 

      When photography highlights the bigger picture as well as showcases the smallest details, such as this photo taken by Aiken, where you can see the bubbles, the underground and the light shining from the top. It brings together the entire photo, making it feel more real and life like.

       Aiken's description: "Swimming among giants," Scuba Diving the kelp forests at Pt. Lobos in Monterey, California.

       3. Positioning

      Bicycle landscape photo.

                                                       Image via: http://www.timaiken.org/gallery/ 

      In photography, it’s important that all of nature’s elements come together at the right moment for the perfect shot. This shot is achieved to a greater standard due to the stunning sun rays through the leaves. In addition to, the height advantage of the camera and although it is snapped straight ahead, it is capturing everything below too, with the cyclist and the house as a secondary focal point. 

      Aiken's description: A beautiful back-country road near Santa Cruz, California.
      4. Make them feel something
      Cliff landscape photo.

      Image via: http://www.timaiken.org/gallery/ 

      This photo by Aiken, has my knees wobbling at the mere sight of such a long way down! You want your audience to walk away feeling something inside them. If they feel it, they will remember your work forever. 

      Aiken's description: Angel Falls tumbles thousands of feet from the top of a barren tepui to the humid jungle far below.
      5. Show them your personality
      Goat on a landscape photo.
      Image via: http://www.timaiken.org/gallery/ 

      The below photo is quirky yet uniquely stunning. At first glance, you look straight at the curious animal and then you take a moment to catch your breath as you look at the stunning natural landscape surrounding him.  

      Aiken's description: A curious bighorn sheep in Glacier NP.
      6. Use black and white
       B&W landscape photography
      Image via: https://www.instagram.com/timaiken/

      Don’t be afraid to dull the color and create images of black and white.  Color is glorious especially in nature’s landscape photography. But those moments when the mood is perfect in black and white, be sure to take that shot. Black and white should never be feared and in some cases should be sampled against every colored shot. Sometimes the depth of black and white can spur on a scene’s tension without even knowing it. Take black and white photos and you might be surprised at the end result.

      Aiken's description: Post storm Tunitas

       7. Don’t be afraid to enhance a photo

      Sunset landscape photo.

                                                              Image via: http://www.popphoto.com

        This is the photo that won Aiken the award for 2015 Young USA Landscape Photographer of the Year.
        The location of this masterpiece is at Diamond Lake, Trinity Alps, California. What captured Aiken's moment of wonder, was during his backpacking trip with his sister, he wanted to take a shot of the beauty that he rose to everyday. Seeing his tent atop a rocky knoll gave him an idea, and when his sister entered the frame he knew he had found his shot.
        AIken used his 70–200mm telephoto zoom to isolate the tent against the massive mountains towering in the background.
        For this photo, Aiken did the initial processing in Light room 5 with adjustments to curves, levels, and saturation. Then, he used Photoshop CC to sharpen, enhance detail, dodge and burn. To complete, he added a high-pass filter to keep the image’s texture and bring out the details.

        Words of wisdom from Aiken:

        To capture the beauty of nature as seen here, Aiken’s says, "to get out and explore."

        Some of the best spots are the rarely visited. Aiken drove six hours and climbed 5,000 vertical feet to find this perfect moment and capture it on film.

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